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A & D Commercial Cleaning, Adelaide

Why choose A & D for your office cleaning in Adelaide?

With many years in office cleaning in Adelaide, let us create a program to meet your company's needs.

At A & D we understand that presenting a clean business environment is paramount to impressing clients and customers. Our expert and customised office cleaning services ensure a worry-free way for your business to maintain a professional look day after day.

A & D- providing customised commercial cleaning, Adelaide

As the experts in office cleaning in Adelaide, we can create a package for your business, whether you require daily office cleaning services, weekly or monthly service, we will customise a cleaning program specifically for you. From small offices to large office buildings, warehouses, factories, shopping centres any business at all, we can design a commercial cleaning package to suit your individual needs.

A & D- providing the most comprehensive commercial cleaning in Adelaide:

Our office cleaning services commonly entail the following services;

Primary Services:

Carpet Steam, Dry or Deluxe Cleaning
Tile and Grout Restoration
Pressure Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Office Services:

Remove Rubbish from all waste bins
Vacuum Carpeted areas
Wipe Streaks, Spots and Stains from all bright work
Clean Foyers, Entrances, Walkways etc
Clean Toilet room fixtures, Drains, Taps, Soap dispensers,      Stalls, Mirrors, Sinks, Hand dryers and Cisterns
Dust all office areas. Phones, computer screens and keyboards,      filing cabinets, photocopiers and all office furniture


We can supply consumables for your every office need at a very competitive price.

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